Welcome to the English track, Bachelor’s degree at the University of Applied Management Studies, in Mannheim, Germany.

Study International Business Management in Germany, but all in the English language. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The course is very international, in the latest CHE ranking the Management in International Business degree is in the top group for Internationalisation, and it is strongly based on up to date business management practice. All in all you will be ideally qualified to work in international businesses.

 In a globalised world the internationalisation of markets is a fact of life in almost every country but nowhere more so than in Germany, so professors and other instructors at UAMS are ideally placed to teach you about international management. They are surrounded by companies who are successful in global business. This internationalisation of the business environment is going to impact on an ever widening group of companies, so the demand for appropriately qualified managers will continue to grow for the foreseeable future and at an ever increasing pace. These will be managers with skills that go beyond those learned in a classical Business Studies programme. Managers like you, three years from now?

As everything is taught in English, applicants will be required to demonstrate a basic competence in English before being accepted on to the programme and during the course of the three years they will develop really excellent English language skills. Many of the Professors/Instructors are native speakers.

But it is not just language skills. You will study all the major management disciplines and learn a wide range of management tools & techniques as well as being able to communicate with business partners from a range of cultures, in a variety of business and social situations.

The real unique selling proposition (USP) of this degree programme is the intensity with which it combines communications, intercultural competences and international business skills with advanced language skills in the world’s business language of choice – and all of this is based on up to date academic theory.

I really look forward to meeting you in Mannheim.

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